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Working with Susanna has been life-changing! Her dedication, compassion, and her ability to hold mountains of space for me as I started my healing journey has helped me grow into the best version of myself, and I still continue to learn and grow everyday! I’ve never met a person more passionate and focused when it came to guiding me in unlearning what no longer served me and adopting new ways that help me shine in my authentic light. Susanna is an intuitive being which is what I believe is her superpower when it comes to working with others. She has a way of inspiring and uplifting people when they have a hard time seeing their own magic. She is human, she is humble, and she is caring. Susanna is phenomenal and I’m so grateful to have been able to work with and have such bright spirit like her in my life.”


“I have attended Susanna’s classes and I can say that I really have not been to any other class with such a genuine teacher who is sensing the atmosphere of the class and is fine-tunning her teaching accordingly. As a stiff Crossfitter, her classes helps me listen to body and mind without any pressure of performance.”


“Susanna’s coaching has helped me better understand my own being and helped me better connect with my body. Susanna has been incredibly insightful in our discussions. She has a natural ability to communicate with you and thoroughly understand your situation and offer unique, in depth and useful insights.Susanna has shared with me in our coaching many practical tools. Her wealth of knowledge is invaluable!”


“I have been fortunate enough to be a student of Susanna’s, as well as to have benefited from her guidance over the course of many years. Susanna holds a unique space unlike anyone else I have encountered. Her teaching style and ability to create a nurturing, safe space have profoundly impacted me over the years. She possesses extensive knowledge across various areas, and what truly resonates with me is her deep presence and commitment as a fellow learner, without professing to be flawless or have all the answers. Her authenticity, vulnerability and genuine nature deeply resonate with me. I find it immensely valuable to be led by such a relatable, loving, kind, and straightforward individual when navigating life’s challenges. Her heart is immense, and I wholeheartedly recommend no one else more suitable to embark on a transformative journey with. Personally, she has brought numerous positive challenges in my life, and I know, my life is better off for our paths crossing”.


“I have been blessed to be in Susanna’s space facilitating workshops and coaching experiences on a few different occasions. I truly have learnt so much from her. She really knows how to hold a safe container in a space of complete openness, non judgment and release as well as bringing so much knowledge to the space. I feel like I could confide in her about anything and feel so much expansion from her practices. Her dedication to helping others heal is inspiring. I really trust her as a teacher and a facilitator and am so happy I have found her.”

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